Short Mat Bowls Club

We meet each Thursday evenings from 7.30 to 9.30 from September to April.

Short Mat Bowls follows the principles of outdoor bowls, i.e. it is a game that can be played by both men and ladies alike of any age, ranging from singles games to teams of 4 on each side.

The aim is to roll bowls to get as close as possible to a smaller bowl (the jack) and to score more points than the opposition.  The main advantage compared to outdoor bowls is that it is played on a carpet in a nice warm village hall albeit has a fiendish wooden block in the centre of the mat which needs to be avoided at all costs!

No experience is required, just an enthusiasm to play and to enjoy yourself.  All equipment is provided, including the bowls themselves.

New members are always welcome, either just to play socially on a Thursday evening or to get more involved with experience.  In addition to normal club nights, matches are also organised against clubs in neighbouring villages.  For those who really become interested, competitions involving clubs from around the County are also available.

If you intrigued or mildly interested just come along and roll a few “woods”.  You never know; you could be bowled over!!

MeetingsThursday evenings September to April
Start Time7.30pm
Finish Time9.30pm
Club ContactTony Weedon
Phone01666 841377
Short Mat Bowles