Women’s Yoga Circle with Rosie

Join Rosie in an intimate weekly yoga class designed to ground and recharge your body and soul.

The class starts with some gentle breathwork to help reset your nervous system, then follows with some playful yoga working with embodied movement to connect you with your body. The yoga is designed to work with a range of motions in a fun and curious way.

All bodies are welcome and no yoga experience is necessary! This is not about being able to touch your toes or hold a plank, it is about carving out time in order to explore your beautiful body’s ability in a moving meditation.

The class may incorporate self-massage, acupressure points and myofascial release so be prepared for unconventional yoga 🙂 It will always finish with a deeply relaxing meditation. Next the class will sit in a sharing circle with hands cupped around warming herbal teas and munching chocolate. This is an opportunity to connect with one another and get that niggling thing off your chest in a safe and non-judgmental place.

A weekly theme will be shared to discuss if guidance is needed (though not essential; the space is yours to share whatever you wish!). Rosie looks forward to welcoming you and building a community together! You can pay for a one off class, or book a class pass and save 🙂

Start Time7.15pm
Finish Time8.45pm
Club ContactRosie Tweedale
Women's Yoga Circle
Women's Yoga Circle
Women's Yoga Circle
Women's Yoga Circle